Upcoming Events for Florida Nonprofits

New Florida Nonprofits Events:

"join Florida nonprofits Meet and Greet on May 13, 2015" Florida Nonprofits Meet and Greet on May 13, 2015: This is an opportunity to meet other members of FANO and get to know more about each other in a social and relaxed setting. Join us! Held at Piccolo Ristorante on East Commercial, Fort Lauderdale. Register here for MEET & GREET Wednesday, May 13, Piccolo Ristorante, Fort Lauderdale




Florida Nonprofit presents Teleconference Series.

 Conference held on May 26, 2015. Claire Jackson will be discussing health insurance savings programs. Email diane@fano.org for conference call information.

June 16 Bank Accounts that Work for Nonprofits: This will feature We Florida Financial on how credits unions are nonprofit too!

June 17 Unemployment Savings: Featuring First Nonprofit Companies. If you have 10 or more employees you can definitely benefit.





Held twice a month, FREE, pack a sandwich and listen during your work lunch: Florida Nonprofits is dedicated to bringing the current trends to the nonprofit leaders. That is currently done through Lunch and Learns which are 45 minute, quick and to the point teleconferences, featuring Q and A, and a subject matter specialist, similar to a TED talks. To Register for a TELECONFERENCE email diane@fano.org

Happy Hours:

Florida Nonprofits is dedicated to hosting social gatherings all over the state of Florida to allow for collaboration in a relaxed setting.