April 2018 News Great Nonprofits

Let Donors Know Your Story

Google is helping nonprofits gain recognition through a new site called Great Nonprofits. The purpose of this platform is to enable nonprofits to harness their most authentic and most effective advertising, the stories of people impacted by their programs. Anyone impacted by your nonprofit can submit info.

Florida Nonprofits’ member Planet Start-up shared their experience with the site. “We heard about Great Nonprofits at a Florida Nonprofits’ event. The next day we checked it out and were really amazed. It allows nonprofits to construct a unique website that tells their story in images, text, and video — more importantly it enables the population we serve to post images and comments as to why they like what we do. Donors like that, as it is a third-party vetting process. Great Nonprofits also rates the organizations and awards badges to top performers. It was a lot of work; however, it was well worth it. For 2017 we were awarded the badge for ‘Top-Rated’. At the time we were unaware that Great Nonprofits provides info to many donor consolidation sites so our site became a part of what a potential donor sees on many of the donation sites.

“We were found by several new donors that substantially contributed, so we know it works. I would recommend to any nonprofit that they build their free site to take advantage of this highly amplified exposure — it’s well worth the effort and engages your served population. Look at what we did at https://greatnonprofits.org/org/planet-startup-inc. Go to https://greatnonprofits.org to learn more. On the site, click on ‘For Nonprofits’ to get started.

“Planet Startup is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 charity that mentors unemployed young adults in high-poverty areas to set up and run their own Internet-based companies and connect them with investors and partners. We believe talent and initiative are distributed equally over the planet; however, opportunity, technology, and access to capital and markets are not. We are helping to fix that. We work both locally and globally.”


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