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30 june.jpgv2 Want to know more about the new laws going into effect July 1?

The Florida Legislation crafted them during regular and special sessions and we are keeping you updated in our newsletter this month. Want to here more about the 30 new laws call in to  the Florida Nonprofits teleconference scheduled for Wed., July 22.

Is your organization providing health promotion and preventive services? You may qualify for a grant from Health Foundation of South Florida. Deadline for this opportunity Aug 7.

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WZNew May 2015 Florida Nonprofits News & Upcoming Events


Held twice a month, FREE, pack a sandwich and listen during your work lunch: Florida Nonprofits is dedicated to bringing the current trends to the nonprofit leaders. That is currently done through Lunch and Learns which are 45 minute, quick and to the point teleconferences, featuring Q and A, and a subject matter specialist, similar to a TED talks. To Register for a TELECONFERENCE email diane@fano.org


2015 Volunteer Teleconference 2015 Legistative Teleconference.jpgFinal

The Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management

Participants can take part in a 4-day intensive program conducted by experts in their respective topics. The Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management in partnership with Nova Southeastern University (NSU) and Broward College (BC). The September conference will be held in St. Petersburg on September 10-13.

Sept Conference final

WZ News (May) – Advocate Now

Looking for strategies to help your organization achieve greater impact? Need to learn which public policies will impact your organization in the next year? Independent Sector, PPAI, Public Policy Action Institute, is a one- stop shop for experts and novices. It will be hosted in Florida for the first time, on October 26-27 at the Intercontinental Hotel Miami. The action institute is about gaining information, skills and networks.

All necessary to take your public policy, advocacy, government partnerships and organizational impact to the next level. To make it easy, the nonprofit leaders, advocates, communications professionals and program specialist from around the US convene at this single event in Miami. Join the Florida Nonprofits and come to this event as we learn to represent our mission with more impact!

FANO Newsletter May 2015

Other News:

Help Haiti

Upcoming Conferences & Events

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Upcoming Events for Florida Nonprofits

The Florida Association of Nonprofits exists to to help nonprofits thrive by providing information (education), advocacy, resources, and networking opportunities in addition to providing savings through the aggregate buying power of its membership and our Preferred Partners.  To further this goal, Florida Nonprofits offers an extensive range of classes, hosts seminars, holds regular Meet & Greet networking events, and schedules Lunch & Learn teleconferences.  Here are some of Florida Nonprofits’ upcoming events.

"Florida Nonprofits presents Unemployment Claims 101"

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"Certificate in Nonprofit Management"

The next intensive, four-day session will be September 15-18 at the Ritz Carlton Gold Resort in Naples, Florida.
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The monthly classes in the Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management for August (August 26)
will cover Executive Director Training and Fundraising and Big Gifts.
Click here for more information, including full course curriculum and faculty, or  click here to register for August’s classes.









Lunch & Learn Teleconferences:

Florida Nonprofits is dedicated to bringing the current trends to nonprofit leaders. That is done through Lunch & Learns, which are 45-minute, quick and to the point teleconferences, featuring Q and A, and a subject matter specialist, similar to a TED talk.

Meet & Greet Networking Events:

Florida Nonprofits is dedicated to hosting social gatherings all over the state of Florida to allow for collaboration in a relaxed setting.

Ethics: Crush Conflict of Interest

To ensure effective stewardship, one of your nonprofit board’s main tasks is to understand its role to safeguard public trust and to avoid conflicts of interest.  Here is a fun way to find out if you up to the task.  Below is the Crush Conflict of Interest Internet Tool.  It is an exercise in knowing your ethical capacity through a fun quiz.  How many conflicts of interest can you spot?

Instructions: Click on the link below to go to the Crush Conflict of Interest Internet Tool.  Have a look at the list of situations that could occur in a nonprofit organization.  For those that do not pose a conflict of interest, click on the trophy cup. Crush conflict of interest situations by clicking on the gavel.


Thank you to Mentoring Canada for creating and sharing this useful tool.

Florida Nonprofits News – WZ NEW July 2014



Switchboard Miami, one of the oldest nonprofits serving the community now has a new website and a database listings over 5,000 programs and serving Miami- Dade County and now the Keys. Three years ago, they saw a new opportunity. The “All Stars Awards” in October, was an opportunity to thank the nonprofits for providing the referral services to our 150,000 plus calls per year. Currently nominations are accepted in seven categories (Miami’s all star, rookie of the year, collaboration, leadership, innovation,volunteerism and most valuable).

Also Switchboard Miami just completed a merger between it’s phone counseling and the face to face counseling of Family Counseling Service. Today it is officially a service within Switchboard. Look for more updates as Switchboard Miami opens a new office in Key West with the newly acquired Helpline of the Florida Keys, formed in the 1980’s, and serving Monroe County. Big Congrats to you Switchboard Miami.

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