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Join the supporters that believe nonprofit organizations play an important role in our society and our economy.  Like the three legs on a stool, Nonprofits must work with Government and Corporate to make a balanced way of life.  The schedule below are the membership rates for Associate members.  (Corporate, Small Business, and Government)


"Join FANO Now"

Enjoy the Benefits of Membership which includes receiving:
[cryout-pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left|center|right” width=”33%”]Help, Education, Advocacy, Referrals, Training, Savings also Networking With Your Nonprofit Colleagues from Around Florida[/cryout-pullquote]

Take advantage of nonprofit advocacy, HelpLine, annual conference, nonprofit certification, roundtables, discounts on employee benefits, insurance products, unemployment, job board and other vital services with our preferred partners.



Why become a member of Florida Nonprofits

10. Save Money                    Discounts on products & services, i.e. insurance, etc.

9. Save Time                          Fast reliable help for management/governance questions

8. Raise Money                      Gain fundraising knowledge and connect to funding sources

7. Effectively Manage           Become certified in nonprofit management/conferences/training

6. Be Connected                   Network, share ideas, trade solutions at Florida Nonprofits Meet & Greets

5. Successfully Advocate     Florida Nonprofits is your voice and represents nonprofit interests

4. Be a Leadership                 Mentor others and create a stronger network

3. Foster Collaboration         Create strategic partnerships with new clients and supporters

2. Strive for Excellence         Adopt Florida Nonprofits’ Principles & Practices, Advance nonprofit values

1. Make an Impact               Make Florida a better place: achieve your mission/goals/objectives


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