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Florida Association of Nonprofits celebrates its 25-year anniversary
November 7, 2015

Florida Association of Nonprofits - Evening Gala

Florida Association of Nonprofits – Evening Gala Click to View Video


Florida Nonprofits- Take Your Organization to the Next Level!

 Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations – Formerly FANO is the heart of the nonprofit community. A statewide resource center and professional network of 501 (c)(3)s. Learn how we help, educate, advocate, research, train, and provide saving programs to nonprofits in the community. We also provide nonprofit start-up training and consulting.

"Florida Nonprofits- Take your organization to the next level!"


Dr. Charles Flowers – Lawton’s Heart Humanitarian Award

Dr. Charles Flowers was among the first Army Air Corps in Tuskegee cadet graduates. He became a flight instructor in 1942 and trained Tuskegee cadets to fly for five years. He majored in business administration at North Carolina Central University, then known as North Carolina College for Negroes, and became the first black manager of a North Carolina Alcoholic Beverage Commission liquor store in Winston Salem, N.C., and co-owner of a drugstore. After retiring from NASA in 1990 as a manager of employee relations, Flowers began to mentor local students through his church, Lanham’s Ebenezer United Methodist Church. He did so until about 2009, when his health began to fail. This video celebrates his life.

"Dr. Charles Flowers - Lawton's Heart Humanitarian Award"

This is a 21st Annual Conference promotional video, sponsored by Florida Association of Nonprofits – formerly FANO.

"21st Annual Conference Preview, August 2012, Miami"

Social Media and New Marketing for Florida Nonprofits at FANO’s Annual Conference

Dr. Carmen D. Ortiz, will be presenting a workshop on New Marketing and Social Media for Nonprofits at the 21st Annual Conference sponsored by FANO in Miami August 27th and 28th, 2012. In this video she shares reasons why leaders of Florida nonprofits need to attend this year’s conference.

"Social Media and New Marketing for Florida Nonprofits at FANO's Annual Conference"


Florida Nonprofit Conference in Miami
Marina Pavlov of FANO talks about Nonprofit Conference

Marina Pavlov, founder and CEO of Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations – Formerly FANO, shares information about the 21st annual conference to be held in Miami August 27-28th, 2012.

"Florida Nonprofit Conference in Miami"

Florida Nonprofits Annual Conference

Marina Pavlov, founder and CEO of Florida Association of Nonprofits – formerly FANO, shares the three key reasons why leaders of nonprofit organizations need to participate in the Annual Conference to be held in Miami August 27th and 28th, 2012.

"Florida Nonprofits Celebrates 21st Annual Conference"

Florida Nonprofits Annual Conference – Why a Realtor is Attending

Jesus Fernandez, a Miami realtor, shares his experience and urges all leaders to attend FANO’s conference on August 27th and 28th in Miami, Florida.  He shares key reasons why he will attend this year’s conference: great networking, speakers and making a difference by giving back to his community. "Florida Nonprofits Annual Conference - Why Realtors are Attending"

Unions and Nonprofits

The Springfield community showed its support Wednesday for the Community Mercy Health Partners hospital’s employees to have the freedom to decide whether or not to join a union. An advertisement of a petition featuring 3,500 Springfield residents’ signatures and a request for fairness was featured in several local newspapers, including theSpringfield News-Sun. The ad asks hospital administrators to allow for open discussion, to refrain from negative campaigning and intimidation tactics, to not spend money on anti-union consultants and to avoid delays or legal challenges. Workers expressed their intent to join the Service Employees International Union to Andrew McColloch, the hospital’s chief executive officer, in February. Six complaints by the hospital’s employees were filed with the National Labor Relations Board on March 15.

While two of the claims were closed as of early May, four remained open, including an allegation that managers intimidated employees in the initial stage of organizing.The hospital stated in an e-mail to the Dayton Business Journal recently that it will not interfere with employees’ “freedom to express his or her personal views.” It also said its employees are able to do their jobs without the aid of a third party. The Community Mercy Health Partners hospital was formed last July by a merger between Community Hospital and Mercy Medical Center. The union targeted the hospital because it is one of five in the Catholic Health Partners organization, and the union says its hospitals are nonprofits that concentrate too much on the bottom line and use unfair practices to charge uninsured patients. The SEIU is based in Washington, D.C., and has 1.8 million members from professions including health systems, public services and building services.