Smart business tools like a Document Management System (DMS) replace the need for time-consuming and error-prone handling of paper documents. As files are saved in the Document Locator® software, everything is full-text searchable.  Versioning captures all changes, and workflow routes information instantly for notifications and approvals.

Document Locator® by ColumbiaSoft is a document management software for Microsoft Windows that improves business efficiency and reduces risk.  Everything needed to manage information and enhance collaboration is included, so that any office – no matter the size or type of business – is a smarter office.

Everyday job operations are improved with document management.  Your team has immediate access to all relevant information.  Files are secure against accidental deletion, misplaced filing, and unauthorized access.  Business processes are automated with workflow to be optimized and repeatable.

Integration with Microsoft Windows places document management right within the familiar Microsoft Explorer view.  It appears just like a share network drive.  Standard folder and file operations make it as easy as Windows for people to use.  Integration with Microsoft Office, including Outlook, extends document management to the applications people use every day.  Custom integrations with other systems is available and can help streamline information management across the company.

For nonprofits that don’t have the hardware in place or don’t want the hassle of staying on top of updates and maintaining their system, Doc-Solutions has partnered with the Florida Association of Nonprofits to offer a hosted Document Management System at a reasonable monthly cost.

Contact Doc-Solutions at for a free demo today and learn how a Document Management System can help your business process, secure and manage your documents, or call 954.590.0494.

On-Premise Shared Hosting Environment
Failure could be catastrophic Risk of failure mitigated
Capital investment Allocated across many participants
Must be managed/maintained over time Consistently cared for
Security/protection responsibility of owner Security/protection responsibility of provider
Requires physical “space” No physical space required
May be more/less storage than needed Pay for only what you need
Backup occurs less frequently Backup almost every 15 minutes


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