What Have You Done for Me Lately

The Florida Association of Nonprofits exists to to help nonprofits thrive by providing information (education), resources, advocacy, and networking opportunities.  To further this goal, Florida Nonprofits offers an extensive range of classes, hosts seminars, holds regular Meet & Greet networking events and schedules Lunch & Learn teleconferences. Here are some of our recent events.

"Florida Nonprofits' Networking Event at the Naples Blue Martini"Rained our by Hurricane Irma!

"Florida Nonprofits Presents Unemployment Claims 101"

"Florida Nonprofits Presents Nonprofit Tax Issues and Concerns"

"Certificate in Nonprofit Management classes on Executive Director Training and Long- and Short-term Fundraising"

"Accounting Requirements to Become a Nonprofit"

"Certificate in Nonprofit Management Classes for July"

"Meet & Greet noetworking event at MOD Wine Lounge"

"Jim Moran Institute Business & Leadership Conference"

Procrastination: Putting an End to Putting it Off

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