February 2018 News Hats

Wearing Many Hats

Gray Poehler of SCORE Naples answers readers’ questions in Florida Trend magazine. His answer to a recent inquiry raises several issues which affect nonprofits.

QUESTION: I am considering investing in a franchise but am somewhat in awe of the many details I must deal with on a day-to-day basis. My strengths are in sales and marketing, but I have little experience in bookkeeping, record keeping, taxes, insurance, etc. What are my options?

ANSWER: Many entrepreneurs face these problems. We all have strengths and weaknesses, and a wise man knows what he doesn’t know. You can, of course, learn the hard way through trial and error, or you can reach out to others who have the necessary expertise.


The reply goes on to detail the assistance that a franchisor will typically offer. All of these challenges are present when creating or running a nonprofit, and there is no franchisor obligated to provide assistance.

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and favorite tasks versus dreaded chores. The Executive Director (ED)/CEO of a nonprofit must “wear many hats” including some in areas where they are potentially weak. Very few people are completely prepared for all of the roles and learning the hard way through trial and error is expensive and time consuming. The Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management includes Executive Director Training, also called Hats, to provide the necessary expertise.

This class, taught on March 24, allows you to share experiences with others and discover remedies to common pitfalls to strengthen your unique leadership abilities. The class will expand your skill set with new management techniques, build awareness of professional expectations, analyze your strengths through a self-assessment, and network to build a professional safety-net group.


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