Flagstaff Apparel

Flagstaff Apparel Network “FAN” is an exclusive membership network for nonprofit organizations. Their mission is to help our members reduce cost, when purchasing fundraising apparel (t-shirts, caps, etc.), by making it available at wholesale vs. retail pricing. They also offer graphic design, screen printing, embroidery, storage and shipping. FAN helps small groups just getting started as well as seasoned organizations to increase their buying power; demonstrating to their donors they are smart managers of donation dollars.

FAN shops multiple industry sources on behalf of their members to secure wholesale pricing. By combining several small orders, FAN can often negotiate a lower cost per item and reduce freight charges. Members may choose to have their apparel customized (screen printed, embroidered Heat Transfer) by Flagstaff or shipped blank to their community to be finished locally.

Is your group paying for storage or using a friend’s garage? FAN has over of 20,000 sq ft of climate-controlled multi-level storage and a large shipping department, available to members.

Membership is as low as $19 per month. Charter Members have access to 15,000+ polo shirts (Red, Navy or Lt Blue) with the first 20 FREE! FAN also has scrubs, smocks, jackets, vests, and much more to help our members offset the cost of membership. Subject to availability and shipping cost.

Click here for the Flagstaff Apparel Network website, or email Dan Platt, dan@flagstaffapparel.com.


Example of Retail vs Wholesale

Item Ordered                                                       Gildan Ultra 100% Cotton Large T Shirt
Amazon Prime Cost/Item 10/2018                      $5.49
FAN Cost/Item 10/2018                                        $2.33
$ Savings per Item                                                  $3.16
% Savings per Item                                                  57%
Quantity Ordered                                                    250
$ Savings on First Order                                       $790.00
Annual Membership Cost                                    – $228.00 ($19/mo x 12)
Total $ Savings on 1st Order                               $562.00

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