June 2009


June 9, 2009 9am – There will be a Florida State Revenue Estimating Impact Conference scheduled by The Office of Economic & Demographic Research on Tuesday, June 9, 2009 at 9:00 a.m. in the Knott Building, #117, Tallahassee
SB 0532 Property Tax Limit/Additional Homestead Exemption
SB 1676 Education Funding Wise
SB 1580 Ad Valorem Taxation Ring
HB 7157 Real Property Used for Conservation Purposes
SB 0360 Growth Management
SB 1840 Protecting Health/Surcharge on Tobacco Products
SB 1664 Distribution of Funds Peaden, Jr.
SB 1718 State Judicial System
SB 2108 State Court Funding
SB 0904 Parental Responsibility and Time-sharing
SB 1000 Discretionary Sales Surtaxes/Fire Rescue Services
SB 2600 Appropriations
SB 0858 Driver Licenses/Contribution to Stop Heart Disease
HB 0569 Financial Instruments
HB 0293 Motor Vehicle and Mobile Home Title Transfer
SB 2150 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
SB 0788 Gaming
HB 1171 Residential Property Insurance
HB 1495 Insurance
SB 1248 Public K-12 Education
HB 0687 Motor Vehicle Registration Applications
HB 7141 Seaport Security
HB 0425 Department of Business & Professional Regulation
HB 0483 Investor Protection
SB 1780 Department of State
SB 1018 Guardians Ad Litem
SB 0494 Water Conservation
SB 1986 Health Care
HB 1423 Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
SB 1722 Department of Corrections
HB 1003 Sale and Delivery of Firearms
SB 1144 Prescription Drugs
SB 1758 Department of Financial Services
HB 0063 Auctioneers
SB 1658 Health Care
SB 2198 Tobacco Settlement Agreements
SB 1640 Public Accountancy
SB 2612 Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services
HB 0339 Secondhand Dealers and Secondary Metals Recyclers
SB 2700 Secondhand Dealers
SB 0258 Name Change/Petition/Criminal History Check
SB 2226 Mortgage Brokering and Lending
SB 1720 Capital Collateral Regional Counsel TF/JAC
SB 0344 Dori Slosberg and Katie Marchetti Safety Belt Law
SB 1750 Disposition of Tax Revenues
HB 1021 Department of Transportation
SB 1696 Education

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