Teleconferences & Webinars

The Florida Association of Nonprofits exists to to help nonprofits thrive by providing information (education), resources, group discounts, advocacy, networking opportunities, and more.  To further this goal, Florida Nonprofits regularly schedules teleconferences and/or webinars on topics of interest to the nonprofit community, allowing you to sit comfortably at your desk and learn. These less formal training sessions are in addition to the formal classes Florida Nonprofits offers, including the Certificate in Nonprofit Management course and the “How to Start a Nonprofit” course.

Super successful past teleconferences include “Becoming a Neighbors 4 Neighbors Community Partner”, “Nonprofit Tax Issues and Concerns”, and “Procrastination – Putting an End to Putting it Off”. Here are some of our upcoming and past teleconferences and webinars.


"Florida Nonprofits Presents Nonprofit Finances and Banking Teleconference""BlackTie Registration Link"


"Webinar on Protecting Electronic Information and Privacy"

"Audit and Compliance Using Document Management Best Practices Webinar Presented by Doc-Solutions"

"Florida Nonprofits Presents Becoming a Neighbors 4 Neighbors Community Partner"

"Florida Nonprofits Presents Protecting Critical Business Data from Disaster"

"Florida Nonprofits Presents Unemployment Claims 101"

Procrastination: Putting an End to Putting it Off

Nonprofit Tax Issues and Concerns Teleconference


FANO Webinar Series 09-14-2016

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