Nonprofit Consulting

Florida Nonprofits serves those organizations that need follow-up consulting services. We offer qualified vested consultants in the following areas:

  • Filing for the 1023, Nonprofit IRS application
  • Nonprofit Startup Class
  • L.E.A.D.E.R.S.H.I.P.
    Leadership – Governance/Board Policy and Volunteerism
    Executive Director Training
    Accounting for Time and Money
    Discovering Trends Through Civic Engagement
    Events – Marketing and Special Events
    Revenue – Grantwriting and Evaluation
    Sponsorship and Sustainability
    Human Resources and Volunteers
    Information Revolution – Managing Technology
    Planning – Power Vision and Strategic Thinking

If you are a consultant and would like to be considered one of our Florida Nonprofit Consultants contact the office 305.557.1764.

For more information on these and other needs, please call Florida Nonprofits @305.557.1764

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  1. I do HR consulting and management training. I am also a professor and a career coach. If I can help, let me know. I have several national certifications and hold an MBA.

  2. Jackie monk says:

    Is there any programs available to pay nonprofit fee?

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