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New Tools in Finding Funders

Free Access to Foundation Information

Whatever your mission, finding the funders most likely to support you is always a challenge, especially as research shows that about 90% of US foundations do not have a web presence. The Foundation Center’s Foundation Directory Online (FDO) is the solution, with their well-organized, searchable list of 140,000 funders and 11 million+ grant histories, updated weekly. The Foundation Center is now offering instant free access to the FDO Quick Start; allowing you to look up information on any US foundation by name, EIN, location, and assets or giving range. FDO Quick Start allows you to search the IRS Forms 990 and 990-PF for those funders. Click here to register for FDO Quick Start.

New Tool in the Search for Grants

For 60 years the Foundation Center has delivered knowledge and expert guidance to fundraisers and grantmakers solving social problems through philanthropy. Many of you have already taken advantage of the free access to their Foundation Directory Online (FDO) available through the Florida Association of Nonprofits. We anticipate that when you have located new funders through FDO Quick Start you will take advantage of the many advanced searches and tools of the full FDO to further research those funders, including their newest tool, Pathways.

The latest tool to be added to the Foundation Directory Online (FDO), called Pathways, provides an excellent way to find new funders. It visually illustrates connections between grantmakers and recipients. Pathways shows you which grantmakers are funding organizations like yours. The key reason to use Pathways is to research who is funding similar organizations, but may NOT be funding you. Those are prime prospects!

Entering your organization (and optional subject area) into Pathways will show foundations that have funded your organization, other recipients of grants from those funders, and, most importantly, prospective new funders, that is foundations that have given to these similar organizations, but have not given to your organization yet.

"Foundation Center's FDO new Pathways"

A Florida Nonprofits’ member who has not yet received any significant grants entered the name of a similar organization from a different geographic area, and got two levels of new funders to research: direct funders of the organization entered, and funders of similar organizations which were also funded by those first level funders.

You are welcome to call (305.557.1764) or email (Lynne@FANO.org) Florida Nonprofits to schedule an introduction to the Foundation Directory Online. Access to the database is available at Florida Nonprofits’ headquarters in the Greater Fort Lauderdale Chamber of Commerce building at 512 NE Third Avenue, Fort Lauderdale.

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