Membership Benefits: Become a Preferred Partner – Kit

Become a Preferred Partner


Preferred Partner Program

Florida Nonprofits and Preferred Partners work together in three program areas:

• Product/Service Packaging
• Short and Long-term Marketing Plan
• Evaluation and Shared Success

Development in these areas is designed to meet the needs of the nonprofit community and to help with basic services and products used to provide programs for a variety of organizations.  Categories may include Health, Human Service, Education, Environment, Public Policy, Youth, Religious and others.  Preferred Partners are eligible to become Associate Members at contributions ranging from  $1000 – $10,000.   Added-value benefits are available at various price tiers.

Service Packaging:

The service packaging component is customized for Florida Nonprofits members and nonprofits in Florida containing incremental benefits that  serve to stimulate members’ participation.  The goal is to provide the most innovative, best approach at the best price to the nonprofit sector.

Marketing Plan:

A joint marketing plan is created and approved by both parties through Florida Nonprofits’ communication vehicles which may include:   Newsletter, E-blasts, Website, Conference Sponsorship, Certificate of Nonprofit Management sponsorships and opportunities to participate as faculty members and/or speakers.

Evaluation and Shared Success:

Objectives developed for program success may include contacts, leads and sales.    Florida Nonprofits and Preferred Partners’ work jointly on the mechanics of timely communications to evaluate progress and redirect marketing efforts if necessary.  Florida Nonprofits shares in the program’s success through compensation of predetermined royalty.


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