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Adapt These Eight Resources for Your Next Foundation Grant Proposal

Things are easier and quicker when you don’t reinvent everything from scratch. This fact is especially true when faced with the daunting task of completing foundation grant proposals. The following how-to articles and related examples were shared by nonprofit colleagues on IdeaEncore Network, the online nonprofit information resource exchange. With free registration, except for one item for sale from the author, all of the items below are free for you to download.

Practical, Easy-to-Use How-to Resources

Examples of Successfully Funded Foundation Grant Proposals

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Flo Green, IdeaEncore Network
imageIdeaEncore Network
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Florence (Flo) Green is co-founder and vice president of IdeaEncore Network ( which envisions a future in which every nonprofit shares what they know. Nonprofits can use our online information resource exchange to save time/money by reusing shared knowledge; by uploading files/links for others to use (for free or to sell); by making their expertise visible by “liking,” rating, and commenting; and by embedding their branded online libraries—that display IdeaEncore resources—within their Web sites.

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