Florida Nonprofits members can save thousands as a result of their memberships. In the past 10 years, Florida Nonprofits has saved its members more than $2,000,000.

By capitalizing on the aggregate buying power of its membership, Florida Nonprofits has negotiated lower prices on many products essential for running a nonprofit business.  These discounts are passed on to members. We provide discounts to members on services, including health and directors & officer’s liability insurance, liability insurance, unemployment savings, human resource management, office products, publications, and more in addition to the savings provided by the Preferred Partners Program.

Preferred Partners

Florida Nonprofits offers lots of resources and discounts through our Preferred Partners,  which are partnerships that save you money, for example our partnership with First Nonprofit for their Unemployment Savings Program, which has saved over $2 million for Florida Nonprofits’ Members (Unemployment), the partnership with Flagstaff Apparel which offers apparel at cost, and the partnership with Merchant Processing Solutions (MPS) which has a special program for credit card processing for nonprofits that does not charge monthly minimums or early termination fees, and has the lowest available rates for the nonprofit community (Credit Card Processing).

Our Preferred Partner Program offers many other opportunities to save the cost of membership many times over. Click here for a comprehensive list of savings opportunities through our Preferred Partners

Consultant Referral

Florida Nonprofits is committed to providing the services you need at a reasonable cost. Florida Nonprofits’ Certification Faculty and other specialists are there for you. They are available to Florida Nonprofits members who need to have access to consultants who specialize in specific areas of nonprofit management such as board retreat planning, accounting, human resource issues, board development, fund development and planning, evaluation, grant-writing, risk management, and other often troublesome issues.

For more information about individual consulting options, please contact Marina Pavlov at or call the Florida Nonprofits’ offices at 305.557.1764

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