5 Things Your Nonprofit Can Do

Not sure what to do? Try out some of our suggestions below to make this Election Day a success!
  1. Increase visibility around the election. Turn up the volume by including voting reminders in all of your communications. Put up signage or decorate with streamers to create a celebratory atmosphere and increase excitement.
  2. Ensure staff and volunteers are equipped to answer basic questions about the election. They should know when polls open and close, how to help locate a polling site, and have contact information for your local election board and national voter hotlines available.
  3. Make personal contact. Reach out to voters by integrating conversations about the election into your services and meetings. Make announcements and ask individuals if they are planning to vote, or if they have already voted. Personal reminders and offering help to a voter are effective get-out-the-vote tactics.
  4. Post a sample ballot or nonpartisan voter guide. Many voters–new and experienced–still have questions about voting, and they’re more likely to vote if they know what their choices will look like on the ballot.
  5. Know where to turn. Have contact information for your local election board available. Advertise toll-free hotlines such as 866-OUR-VOTE and 888-VE-Y-VOTA. 

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