Top 10 Reasons to Become a Member

Top Ten Reasons Why Nonprofits Should Join
The Florida Association of Nonprofits

10. Save Money. Benefit from discounts on products and services, such as insurance and consultant services.
9.   Save Time. Get fast and reliable answers to your management and governance questions.
8.   Raise Money. Gain knowledge and resources through training in fundraising and marketing,
technical assistance, and connections to increase revenue.
7.   Effectively Manage. Attend trainings and conferences on essential topics such as
fundraising, marketing and governance in order to lead and manage more effectively.
6.   Be Connected. Network with your peers, share ideas, and exchange solutions to address
organizational challenges.
5.   Successfully Advocate. Represent your interests to state government. Join your nonprofit
peers in advancing critical policy issues affecting the sector.
4.   Demonstrate Leadership. Mentor others and create a stronger network.
3.   Foster Collaboration. Create strategic partnerships and find new clients and supporters.
2.   Strive for Excellence. Honor standards of practice and accountability that advance the
1.   Make an Impact. Achieve your mission in community.

Florida Nonprofits is a 25-year member of the nationally recognized Independent Sector.

There are 47 state associations of nonprofits in the United States. State associations are chambers of commerce for nonprofits. They serve and represent all types and sizes of charitable organizations and work with state and national partners to help local nonprofits:

  • Manage and lead more effectively
  • Collaborate and exchange solutions
  • Save money through group buying opportunities
  • Engage in critical policy issues affecting the nonprofit sector
  • Achieve greater impact in their communities


Advocacy and Public Policy – State associations advocate for issues that affect all nonprofits. Activities include tracking state and federal legislation, educating nonprofits about policy developments, and mobilizing members and other nonprofits around critical policy issues. Florida Nonprofits conducts an annual lobby day in Tallahassee.

Management and Professional Development – Florida Nonprofits conducts extensive training and professional development workshops on a range of critical management topics such as fundraising, board governance, financial management, and technology.  The Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management in cooperation with Nova Southeastern University Fischer School of Education and Broward College is a national model.

Leadership and Convening– Florida Nonprofits strives to create a learning community of nonprofit professionals. We have offered fourteen annual conferences, hundreds of seminars, and publish a weekly newsletter called WZ New? that reaches over 6,000 nonprofit leaders.  Our interactive website enables members to share information, learn from one another, and expand their networks.

Research and Information/Referral – Florida Nonprofits is an information resource for and about nonprofits. We answer frequently asked questions about nonprofit management and provide links to sector resources such as key websites and publications. We also conduct research on the size and scope of the sector in the form of our annual report entitled: Florida Nonprofits: More than a Charity. Florida Nonprofits also provides vital information on other topics, including Florida Wage and Benefit Survey.

Products and Services – By capitalizing on the aggregate buying power of its membership, Florida Nonprofits has negotiated lower prices on many products essential for running a nonprofit business. These discounts are passed on to members. Florida Nonprofits provides discounts to members on services, including health and directors & officer’s liability insurance, liability insurance, unemployment savings, human resource management, office products, publications, and more.

Communications – Florida Nonprofits produces a variety of publications for and about the nonprofit sector and catalogs a host of information on the Florida Nonprofits website.

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