Upcoming Conference

Save the date! September 15-18, 2017 will be the next Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management Intensive Course. The classes  will be held in Naples, Florida, in conjunction with the Florida Association of Museums’ Annual Conference.

Take your career to the next level! Become inspired, motivated, accountable…and certified! Classes are held in four days (44 hours). Register now!

Click here for the Nonprofit Intensive Sept. 15-18, 2017 in Naples, Florida

Click here for complete Certificate in Nonprofit Management curriculum.

Congratulations to the graduates of Florida Nonprofits’ 2016 Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management Intensive Course of 11 classes with all 44 hours completed at once, held March 19 through 22 in Orlando, Florida.  Four people graduated with a Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management!


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