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2008 FANO Conference:On Friday, May 9, 2008

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2008 FANO Conference:On Friday, May 9, 2008 nonprofit leaders from throughout the State of Florida will join in the Annual Conference of the Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations.  FANO is partnering with Vision Broward to create a major conference event entitled “IDEAS EXCHANGE”. Topping the program will be a Nonprofit Think Tank, an intensive pre-conference Certificate in Nonprofit Management Series and a Town Meeting in preparation for the national event in Washington D.C. “The Nonprofit Congress”.

Barbara Weinstein Board Chair announced, “FANO is proud to announce that 43 groups have been awarded the Certificate in Nonprofit Management (CNM) recently. By 2009 that number is expected to triple since FANO has been awarded contracts to present the CNM at various nonprofit locations.  Nonprofits recognize they need training to be competitive and FANO’s certificate serves the need.“  The CNM began in 1995 and has continued receive top rating in the 11 CNM topics covered in the series include: grantwriting, marketing, accounting, planning, marketing, governance, technology, human resources, and more.  The next regular classes are Grantwriting and Power Vision to be held on January 18 and February 15, 2008 respectively. Call 305.557.1764 for more information, or access our website at www.fano.org (email: marina.fano@gmail.com)

Marina Pavlov, FANO President, who has been appointed to be the Florida State Nonprofit Congress Coordinator, said “We are posting a special survey on our website for feedback for conference agenda items, suggestions and referrals.”  She encourages nonprofit leaders to log in and help steer the conference with the most pressing vital issues for nonprofit organizations serving Florida.

Registration for the conference will be available online beginning January 18, 2008.  Individuals may submit their applications for the certificate series and also register for the conference at that time.  Early registration and membership discounts will be available.

FANO has an open RFP (request for proposal) for organizations interested in joint marketing opportunities and become an affiliated FANO preferred partner.  FANO encourages organizations, consultants, or corporations who wish to develop audience, expand services, or create a niche market that will benefit nonprofits to call FANO for more information.  305.557.1764

Join FANO: Our primary source of funding is dues and fees for services.  Please support FANO your association by renewing membership today.  In 2007, we added benefits that saved over $100,000 to our members.  You can contact us at 305.557.1764, or fax at 305.821.5228, or email our president at marina.fano@gmail.com. FANO is a member of the National Council of Nonprofit Organizations and the Independent Sector, both in Washington D.C.


How can FANO better serve you? Email us today to let us know


7480 Fairway Drive, Suite 206,  Miami Lakes, Florida, 33014

305.557.1764  www.FANO.org  marina.fano@gmail.com

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