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FANO, has a benefit that is changing the bottom-line of Florida nonprofits

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FANO-tic: State-association for nonprofits, FANO, has a benefit that is changing the bottom-line of Florida nonprofits through a new Unemployment Savings Program that has saved participating members over $125,000 this year for a total of $518,000 since 2006 when the program began.  FANO President Marina Pavlov said, “One member organization saved over $55,000 dollars. The CEO was so happy he wrote to FANO and announced that he was now a FANO-tic. “  She continued, “FANO’s goal for 2008 is to create more FANO-tics as we begin a membership drive which will focus on improving the FANO membership  bottom line. “Chair Barbara Weinstein, CEO of Family Central said, “Every day each of one Florida’s 42,000 nonprofits work hard to service millions of needy people in the areas of human services, arts, and many other important social areas.  These organizations are led by passionate individuals who strive to maximize every dollar donated to them.  The Florida Association of Nonprofit Organizations (FANO) aims to improve every nonprofit’s infrastructure through a set of capacity building initiatives and special savings program.“  FANO is located in Miami Lakes, Florida, and has a current membership group of 700 organizations from every corner of the state.  Membership is based on a sliding scale using the organizational budget.  The organization offers monthly classes in fundraising, grant writing, accounting, and other topics as well as a Florida Certificate in Nonprofit Management (an 11 class series).  To find out how to become a member and take advantage of the benefits offered by FANO contact Marina Pavlov at 305.557.1764.

Joseph H. and Florence A. Roblee Foundation has awarded FANO $3,000 to help support the FANO training programs including the FANO Tool Box: Seal of Integrity for Nonprofits.  “We are most grateful to the Prestigious Roblee Foundation,” said FANO President, Marina Pavlov. “It is a wonderful recognition of FANO good work in the community..”  Board Members of the Roblee Foundation, Carol McCarthy Duline, Carol Von Arx and Margaret Thomas said  “We are pleased to be of assistance to you and the community you serve.”

On Friday, January 18, nonprofit leaders will gather to enhance their knowledge in writing proposals to fund their agencies.  Some of the past participants have said the following about this program:  Sharon Johnson said, “this is the best grantwriting workshop I have ever taken, and I have taken quite a few.”  Emily Lagerquist of Kids Ecology Corps said “this was an unique opportunity to write a grant together with a volunteer, we seldom have the opportunity to discuss our financial strategy.  The hands on activity gave us a new funding concept.  Latricia Mozley said “the proposal outline is a great structure to use when submitting a proposal for new funding.” Linda Seyedin said “the presenter was very knowledgeable and an excellent motivator.”  Many of the organizations submitted their applications for this class through a scholarship, FANO is proud to announce that over 39 groups were assisted; with their fund planning that would not be able to receive help anywhere else.  The grantwriting class is part of the Certificate in Nonprofit Management. The next class is Power Vision to be held on February, 2008. Call 305.557.1764 for more information, or access our website at www.fano.org (email: marina.fano@gmail.com

Join FANO:Our primary source of funding is dues and fees for services.  Please support FANO your association by renewing membership today.  IN 2007 we added benefits that saved thousands to our members.  You can contact us at (305) 557-1764, or fax at (305) 821-5228, or email at fanoinfo@fano.org. FANO is a member of the National Council of Nonprofit Organizations and the Independent Sector, both in Washington D.C.


How can FANO better serve you? Email us today to let us know


7480 Fairway Drive, Suite 206,  Miami Lakes, Florida, 33014

305.557.1764  www.FANO.org  marina.fano@gmail.com

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