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Unemployment Savings Program Presented to Broward CFO Group

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Cecilia Piazza of the First Nonprofit Companies presented the Unemployment Savings Program to a group of Broward County CFO’s on October 20.  The Savings Program is only for nonprofit organizations and allows the organizations to opt out of paying state unemployment taxes and put money into a private account for the payment of any claims.  Organizations with more than 10 employees will likely save money by using this alternative.

Several Florida organizations have chosen this option and are already saving thousands of dollars per year.  Those taking advantage of the program include ARC of Broward, Family Central, Tampa YMCA, Broward House and Goodwill Industries of South Florida.

The state-imposed deadline for this program is November 30th so those interested in a free quote must act fast.  Contact Marina Pavlov for information.

Holiday Season the Perfect Time For Donations

December is the perfect time to solicit for donations as it remains the top month of the year for giving nationwide.  Organizations reluctant to ask for gifts during the holiday season may be missing their best opportunity to raise funds.

If you need help to design a low cost message please contact FANO for a two hour consultation.  FANO consultants are available for consultations to members only.  Expertise in the area of Marketing, Fundraising, Board Development, Budgeting, Planning, Evaluation, nonprofit startup and more are available.  Hourly rates apply.  As a special end of the year benefit new and renewing members will receive a half hour session at no charge.

Florida DOR to Miss Deadline for Publishing Unemployment Rate

According to Cecelia Piazza of First Nonprofit Companies the Florida Department of Revenue said this years rate sheet will not be out until late December because of all the com-plicated equations and factors of the system and the 2009 projections topped with the high unemployment rate.  Florida’s unemployment rate is now 6.6% compared to the national unemployment figures of 6.5%.  Nonprofits  have an opportunity to leave the state system and be covered under the FANO unemployment plan which helps with cash flow, administration of claims and lower costs to our members.

Thieves Rob Florida Food Bank

In a new low even for criminals, thieves broke into Curley’s – a struggling food bank near I-95 in Liberty City – and stole everything, down to the posters off the wall.  It appears that not only did the thieves know they were hitting a food bank, but may even have cased the place ahead of time to plan their crime.

Volunteers came to work Monday morning to find everything missing just before the busiest time of the year.  The thieves stole office equipment, furniture, even the telephone in addition to all of the food stored for distribution to the needy and the toys that had been collected for Christmas presents for needy children.

In an ironic twist, the organization had recently gotten a quote on a security system but did not have the money to move forward with the project.  A security system will now be donated, but it comes to late to salvage the holiday.  Source: Fred Grimm—Miami Herald

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