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FANO Launches New Website and “Goes Green” with Invoices

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As part of the new look for FANO, an updated website will be launched soon.  The site will offer online membership applications, upcoming CNM curriculums and schedules and a knowledge base that will offer information about grants that are available.  Upcoming additions to the website will feature a job board for nonprofit jobs throughout the state, information on all FANO preferred partners and members-only places for specific information.

In addition to the new website, FANO is working toward going green by switching to online invoices.  For now, renewals will also be sent through the mail but this will be eliminated in 2009.  Renews can be made right online using the secure PayPal Services.

FANO Welcomes New Preferred Partner Wireless Factory

Text messaging is the media of choice for many and FANO’s new Preferred Partner Wireless Factory can help you use this technology to increase your fundraising capacity.  With this service, donations can be made through text messaging right in the middle of a concert, live performance or event.  Donations, which can range from $10-$35, are added right to the donors cell phone bill, eliminating the need to collect cash or credit card information.  Wireless Factory has accomplished much success with this program in Europe, increasing donations, especially from younger audiences.  Nonprofits in Florida can now benefit from this technology and capitalize on the philanthropic spirit often present during live events.  To learn more about Wireless Factory and the services they provide, contact Stefan Latt  305.951.6047 www.wirelessfactory.com

IRS Changes Rules for Nonprofit 403 B Retirement Plans

The time for nonprofit organizations who sponsor a 403(b) retirement plan to review plans and get ready to implement needed changes has arrived as new regulations go into effect Jan. 1, 2009.

Notable new rules include: A written plan document; annual filing of Form 5500 for all 403(b) plans; reporting of plan assets and other financial data and sharing of financial data among the plans’ investment providers.

With the many responsibilities of nonprofit executives, fiduciary responsibility to the organization’s retirement plan may be far from their thoughts.  However, regulators expect compliance with the new rules.  Many investment providers who used to offer 403(b) plans have left the marketplace in anticipation of these changes, further complicating the adherence to regulation.

Preferred Partner of FANO Kenneth A. Simon, CPA, is President of Paxson Walker Consulting and can provide members with a comprehensive analysis of the new rules and provide a checklist that assists organizations in determining the gaps in their compliance.  Mr. Simon has 25 years of experience in financial services and is an expert in nonprofit retirement plans.  To receive assistance with your plan and ensure compliance with new regulations, contact Mr. Simon at ksimon@paxsonwalker.com

Interstate Bike Path Planned

Florida, along with several other states, has begun work on interstate bike paths now that the project, known as the National Corridor Plan, has been approved by the American Association of State Highways and Transportation Officials (AASHTO).  States and nonprofit organizations are free to work together to find ways to link urban, rural and suburban areas.  The plan has been four years in the making and has combined the work of AASHTO with work from the Adventure Cycling Association, the largest member cycling organization in North America.  Source: Adventure Cycling

Certificate of Nonprofit Management  –  Upcoming Class Schedule

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