WZ New? September 24, 2008

Florida Medicaid Reform Failing

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Last week, several of the HMO’s taking part in the Florida Medicaid Reform experiment considering ending their participation due to lower-than-expected profits.  However, the state came up with the money to stop the HMO’s from leaving, despite cutting funding this year for organizations such as nursing homes and health departments. The Florida Medicaid Reform was designed to offer more variety in providers and benefits, increase efficiency, keep costs low and increase the quality of the services offered.  This reform, however, has done little for the Medicaid consumer, but has allowed the managed care organizations freedom in limiting access to services. Citizen should hold their legislators responsible for ensuring that reform does not harm those most vulnerable. Source: South Florida Sun Sentinel, September 13, 2008 by Laura Goodhue

New People, New Look for FANO

You may notice a change in the format of the WZ New? newsletter as well as other FANO documents in the next few weeks.  FANO is launching a new look as well as an updated website coming soon.  FANO would also like to welcome some new faces to the organization.  Amy Prodan , Deputy Directo , is located in north-central Florida and will be helping to expand FANO membership services state-wide. Another new face at FANO is Lisa Mentkow, Business Development Director, located in Palm Beach County.  Lisa is assisting FANO with contacting new preferred partners and growing membership benefits. We welcome Amy and Lisa to the FANO team!

Success With Juvenile Offenders

The re-incarceration rate for Florida’s juvenile offenders is close to 29 percent.  However, the rate in Missouri is only 9 percent.  Why is there so much difference between the two states?  The Missouri Division of Youth Services has developed a program called the “Missouri Model” which focuses on treatment and counseling rather than punishment for juvenile offenders.  Based on the idea that children are a product of their past, are immature and often make bad decisions, this program seeks to rehabilitate the offenders to become productive adults.   Last week, the Missouri Division of Youth Services was awarded recognition for the program by Harvard University.  The Harvard Award honors this year’s most innovative government programs.  Source: Kansas City Star, September 16, 2008 by Karen Uhlenhuth

Unemployment Deadline Nearing

The deadline is quickly approaching for enrollment in FANO’s alternative program that allows nonprofit organizations with more than ten employees to opt out of the State’s unemployment tax.  The program allows nonprofit organizations to put their own money into a fund to cover claims as opposed to paying a tax to the State up-front.  Last year we saved one organization $55,000.  Nonprofits interested in a quote to see if your organization can save should contact Marina at marina.fano@gmail.com or call 305.557.1764.  The State imposed deadline for enrollment is November 30th.

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