Florida Nonprofits is a leader in Nonprofit Education and Training.

Our Mission: Florida Nonprofits is a state-wide center and professional network of 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organizations in Florida. It was founded by nonprofit leaders in 1989 to enhance the well-being of all people in the communities in Florida by building the capacity of the nonprofit sector. Florida Nonprofits assists 52,000 nonprofits to reach their mission by strengthening their leadership, management, financial, and public policy capacity.

 marina.fano@gmail.com to volunteer or participate in our programs and services.


The heart of the Florida Nonprofit Community

Florida Nonprofits has provided knowledge and certification through our education and training programs.


The Sunshine Certificate in Nonprofit Management is a program developed by Florida Nonprofits in 1995.  It consists of an 11-class series with related assignments and, upon completion of all classes, a certificate in Nonprofit Management is awarded.  The program is presented in coordination with Broward College and Nova Southeastern University Fischler School of Education

Classes are available on a monthly basis where two classes are held in one day to add convenience and efficiency to those traveling from out of town.   Florida Nonprofits also offers an intensive series where all 11 classes can be taken in four intensive days during the annual conference.

Florida Nonprofits also offers a course in “How to Form a Nonprofit Organization” on the first Friday of each month. The purpose of the two-hour session is to discover what you need to know before launching a nonprofit organization, and includes all contact information for Florida official registrations, IRS, a 1023 worksheet, and much more.


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