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"Data Clique Marketing Intelligence"Free Webinar for Florida Nonprofits members
– Identify Your Best Charitable Prospects

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including the
Customer Intelligence Academy (CIA) Training course at $50 off

We invite you to join the previously recorded Florida Nonprofits online “Lunch & Learn” webinar: “Identify Your Best Charitable Prospects – Find Where to Reach Them – Measure Your Results.”

In this free webinar replay, you will gain critical marketing knowledge, and you will learn how to find your best charitable donor prospects.  You will gain insight and strategies on:

  • How to identify, by name & address, wealthy people who support your nonprofit cause
  • Which types of people support different causes and the reasons why
  • Where to find indepth information on each potential donor without lengthy ascertainment
  • How to mine your current database for insights to improve your marketing and fundraising

Access the Webinar here:

Take Data Clique’s six-week Customer Intelligence Academy (CIA) training course at $50 off (Florida Nonprofits’ price $448)! Special member $50 off code is FNP2017.

Data Clique is a market research firm that understands the relationships between businesses, marketing and data. We take lots and lots of data and turn it into actionable intelligence to help you identify new prospects for your organization, and then we track them as they turn into your new supporters. We make your marketing more measurable, and your organization more successful by conducting an in-depth target profiling, analyzing your ‘best customer’ segments to determine what they have in common with each other as well as what makes them unique.  You gain a significant marketing advantage by understanding these similarities and differences.  When you know what your prospect will respond to, you’ll be able to give them exactly what they want, when they want it.

Data Clique provides in-depth analysis and actionable insights for organizations of any size. Data Clique provides a complete picture of your key metrics to manage your marketing and your nonprofit organization or agency.

Your host: Martin Gould, Managing Partner, Data Clique Market Intelligence – Marty Gould is a marketing and media expert who has bought and sold tens of millions of dollars in
advertising. Marty has developed innovative and practical marketing strategies for hundreds of businesses, including major companies like General Motors, Anheuser-Busch, Pepsi and Lennox Industries and hundreds of smaller local companies and organizations. For nearly 20 years he has been a featured speaker at international trade shows, associations, nonprofit organizations, and several colleges and universities across the U.S. He has developed and spearheaded more than a dozen nonprofit fundraising campaigns totaling more than $80 million.

Today, as Managing Partner of Ft. Lauderdale-based Data Clique LLC, Marty helps businesses and organizations gain insights on their customers/donors, developing effective message and marketing strategies by analyzing their own customer data, techniques he shares in his best-selling marketing book, The Customer Store, published in 2015.

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